Organize the

virtual general meeting

of your club

including online voting
including postal voting option

Organzine the

virtual general meeting

of your club

including online voting
including postal voting option

Organize the


general meeting

of your club

including online voting
including postal voting option

Organizing a virtual general meeting means more than just calling a video conference. will help you with this “more”! offers these functions


With our MV generator you simply create the complete agenda for your general assembly.

For each Agenda item you can enter detailed texts, upload PDFs, photos or other documents and create votes.

Polls / Voting

For each vote (yes, no, abstention) you can provide a recommendation from the board.

Determine whether your club has a special election procedure and, if necessary, define an approval threshold for each individual decision.

Choise of People

Make a choice of people, e.g. if you want to choose a new treasurer or a new board.

To do this, select the number of offices and enter the names of the individual candidates.

Create member list

Enter each club member in the member list and determine whether they are entitled to vote or not.


Create and send formal and timely invitations for all voting members.

Send by bulk email or generate PDFs for printing at the push of a button and send by letter.

general meeting homepage

The MV Generator automatically creates its own homepage for your club general meeting!

On this general meeting homepage, your members will find all agenda items including detailed texts, PDFs and possibly other documents.

Here, the members can cast their vote for each agenda item directly and very easily until the end of the meeting.

Individual access for each member

Only (!) your members have access to the general meeting homepage. Each member receives an individual access code together with the invitation.

Automatic vote evaluation for each agenda item

Our system records the individual voices and evaluates them anonymously.

You will continuously receive the number of previous participants and a current interim result during the election and immediately after the vote the final result will be displayed.

general meeting minutes

Our system creates a protocol proposal fully automatically based on the agenda and the voting results.

You can easily add your own comments and a professional general meeting protocol is completed in a few minutes. You can then make this available to your members on the general meeting homepage or as a PDF file.

The legal situation

Virtual general meeting - legal basis 2020 (valid for Germany)

Gemäß dem Gesetz zur Abmilderung der Folgen der COVID-19-Pandemie (Artikel 2 § 5 Absatz 2 und 3) v

According to the german law to mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic (Gesetz zur Abmilderung der Folgen der COVID-19-Pandemie | Artikel 2 § 5 Absatz 2 und 3) of March 27, 2020, the board of a club can – even without authorization in the statutes – allow the club members to attend the general meeting WITHOUT attendance to participate.

It must be ensured that the membership rights can be exercised by electronic communication or that the club members can cast their votes in writing before the general meeting is held.

It should be noted that a decision of such a virtual assembly is only valid if all members have been involved and at least half of the members have cast their votes by the date set by the association. In addition, of course, the decision was taken with the required majority.

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We take various measures so that your data and that of your members are safe with us. Our server location is Germany and all websites are encrypted using HTTPS / SSL.

ABOUT MV.PLUS supports clubs in the organization and implementation of a virtual general meeting.

The agenda can be created and the members can be invited via the general meeting generator.

The members can find information on the general meeting homepage and cast their vote online or by postal vote.

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